Apple’s AirPods Max headphones $549 (First Look)

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  • We take a first look at Apple’s $549 AirPods Max headphones.
  • With automatic switching and audio sharing feature.
  • They sound good and are comfortable.

After years of rumors, The Apple AirPods Max Headphones are finally here. It will officially release on December 15. Apple unveiled a $549 price tag, which was shocking for people. And, yeah, that’s a lot of money. But that may be well worth it as All Apple products worth their prices. According to Apple, The AirPods Max Headphones boast “High-quality audio, Adaptive EQ, Noise Cancellation, and automatic switching “, like the AirPods Pro. Hopefully, we will see this in the After Christmas Sale.

According to the analysis, All thanks to the AirPods and AirPods pro. After the success of these two products, Apple came with a new product for Tech lovers. Its a luxury pair of headphones but it borrows some features from AirPods pro, but with the size of large speakers, Quality will better than that.

However, the over-ear market is competitive for all brands, many brands offer high-quality headphones at a far lower price than Apple. We will see the feedbacks of customers and will provide a personal review after release. Now we can look into the features of the Apple Airpods Max.

Get To The Point

  • What is this? The Apple AirPods Max – Apple’s first over-ear headphones
  • When will it be released? December 15, 2020 (though you can preorder now)
  • How much will it cost? $549 / £549 / AU$899

They come in AirPods Max Case, which looks a bit like a purse

(Image Credit: Apple)

This case has magnets inside so that when you put the AirPods Max in it they go into low power mode automatically to save battery life.

Super Comfortable and Easy to Use

There are a lot of high-end touches, like the steel frame and aluminum cups that use touch controls for volume. It’s super easy to set up as other AirPods. That’s the main reason that AirPods are so successful. You can just turn on the AirPods Max and bring it near your iPhone or iPad, it will Popup to “Connect”. That’s it. No need to open Bluetooth settings.

Additional Features

  • Automatic switching that allows users to move sound between iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Audio Sharing that makes it easy to share an audio stream between two sets of AirPods on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Simply bring AirPods Max near your device and connect with a single tap.
  • Siri capabilities include the ability to play music, make phone calls, control the volume, and more. Siri can also read messages as they arrive with Announce Messages with Siri.

While we will wait to test them out for ourselves, we’re eager to see whether they can meet the high standards for users. 

You can still buy Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro From Amazon.

Apple AirPods Max will release on 15 December, but you can Pre-order from now. You can also visit Amazon to order.


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