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Audible is not necessary to listen to audiobooks on Google. Most people prefer Google home for music that’s very easy to find your favorite music. If you are a music lover and looking for the best services then don’t worry about that you can enjoy free audiobooks on Google home. Most people consider audiobook is relatable to Amazon’s paid community. But it is not possible to play audible direct on Google home. But there is another way to enjoy free audiobooks on Google nest smart speakers. But remember that Google play sold audiobooks and now it directly gives access to the library by Google home.

Is audiobook free?

If you are a music lover and love audiobooks then look for Librivox that is totally amazing. You can find audiobooks free from Librivox. They contain no copyright means copyright is expired for Librivox. You can access Librivox from Google home by saying ‘’hi Google speak to book reader’’ for reading your favorite books like ‘Harry potter’ ‘The Jungle book’ and many more. Just say the book name of your choice.

How to download audiobooks from Google?

Years back you could not find audiobooks on Google play store by your voice. But now Google made it easy if you are new then go to the google play store to download and find your favorite one. If you are new then you will definitely get the chance of a free coupon. After your purchase make the following steps:

1- ‘keep my book’ for continue reading your playlists for audiobooks
2- Write or follow your book title
3- Stay on the page keep reading
4- You can pause and resume for a break
5- You can check the time remaining
How to play Amazon audible library?

Audible is a book of Amazon that gives you audiobook access by smart speakers through the years back. If you are a previous subscriber it’s actually not your mistake. You can easily listen to audible from Google by connecting it to your phone and Bluetooth you will find the same music list there too. Isn’t interesting? Google play store is one of the best options for free audiobooks. But there are some other options where you can find free audiobooks.

2- Loyal books
3- Mind webs
4- Open culture
5- Podibooks

Cheap audiobooks:

You can find cheap audiobooks from audible. Another is audio that also gives fast services like audible. From audible, you can keep or save your title also when you unsubscribed it. Interesting is that you can get 30% off on book purchases.


The audiobook is a very large collection that gives the best services. On subscription, you can download one book every month. On extra credit, you can buy extra books.


This platform is very popular among users. You can download unlimited audiobooks like sheet music, ebook, etc. But you cannot avail extra services from Scribd.


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