Can Apps Help To Make A Better Connection With Nature?

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Nature is a peaceful place for our mental and physical health, but most people cannot avail the chance to benefit from nature because of their busy and hectic life schedules. Do you think apps can help us in this case? How do these apps work? I’ll share my experience with you as I am the least person knowing less about technology. I am not aware of the latest applications, but I was the founder of book reading under shadow trees. But six months ago, I started using social media, and I became a sick habitual of social media like stuck in the mud. It happens because I was continuously watching the screen that makes my physical and mental health dirty as I was living miles away from the glory of the green world called nature. No, it’s not unbelievable you can even debate about screen time is good or harmful for the physical and mental health of the human mind.

You can experience it by yourself that outdoor time has a good effect on our soul, especially in natural places. Compared to our indoor pampered, grippe, so-called modern life living in air-conditioned rooms seems like a luxurious life. Nobody knows how harmful its effects are to our mental and physical health. This lifestyle is taking you away from the living of life. But in this era of technology, how will we rescue by technology? For this purpose, many applications are running on smartphones trying to make our indoor life pleasant and lively.

Many applications like fitness, exercise, life coaches, route planners had created many soothe creations in technology like waterfall sound, birds songs, and many peaceful widgets. When I saw these fantastic apps that are helpful to bring my hectic life on a gentle track and very close to nature, it seems like fighting fire with nature. So what I did just filled up my mobile with these fantastic applications indeed, that was the turning point of my life. I was able to experience nature in my busy schedule, and it lays tremendous impacts on my physical and mental health.

Here I am thankful to technology for creating a better connection of my soul with nature. Perhaps it’s a small effort but believe me, it is effective. What you peep think about those apps? Have you ever experienced it or not? Do you find it effective? You are free to share your views; I am all ears.


I concluded that if your soul has a good connection with nature, your life and environment will undoubtedly improve. I suggest every individual who tries to bring such activities on a large scale and educate people about it. After experiencing it, you become able to inform others. Because everyone cannot avail the chance in our busy lives, these applications are efficient. So what are you waiting for? Install nature apps on your phone and cherish your living.


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