How to get the COVID-19 test at home

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Emergency kits for home testing are issued by FDA authorities. Do you know how to buy them? COVID-19 cases are rising day by day in every state customers are trying to find a reliable test at home. For this purpose food and drugs authorities in the US and EUA have decided to take a step in providing emergency testing at home. Testing from these emergency kits gives authentic results only in 30mints. It is quite tricky to use emergency kits. For this purpose, you can ask for help to use FDA-authorized testing kits.

COVID-19 test at home must be FDA-authorized:

Now for the first time, FDA-authorization has issued to diagnose covid-19 at home. This home test is collected by lab corps’s pixel covid-19 home kit for accurate results. Not all the home tests are accurate because scammers are selling inaccurate covid-19 tests. Don’t buy any kit which is not FDA-authorized. It could be life-threatening to diagnose covid-19 by unapproved medical products. Don’t use until you find better approved adequate.


Several companies are providing covid-19 test at home that is trusted by the FDA and gives accurate results only in 30 minutes. These companies are:

Phosphorus covid test:

From this company, you will get FDA-authorized tests. This test is not approved by the FDA but only authorized in emergency circumstances. You will get the covid-19 test for $140 from phosphorus. For testing, you can order a kit from an online medical screen.

EverlyWell covid test:

This company ($109) is also providing covid-19 test home kits with delivery on your doorstep. You just have to register your test via mail and it will hand over to a certified physician. This test cost $49 cheaper as compare to other companies.

Hims and hers covid test:

This company takes a saliva test for covid-19 that is also certified by FDA-authorize. This company is associated with mail orders for both male and female products. They record a patient’s whole history from where they have been traveling and other medical-related information to fill the form.

LetsGetChecked covid test:

LetsGetChecked ($118) is helping patients to find an accurate test by themselves. For this purpose, this laboratory is giving access to better health solutions and accurate results with FDA-authorization. You can get a 20% discount from this laboratory. Airlines are now providing LetsGetChecked for home testing so the customer may travel without any restrictions. Kits are not much cheaper but you have to pay $129 with ticket prices.

Vitagene covid test:

This covid test is detected by saliva also a home testing kit. Vitagene is also an FDA-authorized emergency home testing kit. They provide official reports and 24 hours of day-night shipping. You can also use them in traveling in an emergency.

Prevention tips for buying covid-19 home test:

All the covid-19 tests are mostly detected through laboratories and you have to wait for results. But kits from pixel-by-LabCorp gives you an insurance bill. You can also buy when you have a money shortage. This test is costed at $75 to $150. By the time many other companies are now providing emergency home testing kits but it is not assured that these kits are FDA-authorized.


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