Why Facebook impel to throw out Instagram for children’s plans?

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A team of public health advocates all over the world impels Facebook to create a new version of Instagram that is acceptable for children. Because it was claimed by the authorities that this platform is creating an obsession with images in children that is harmful to their minds and health.

But Facebook that owns Instagram claims that parents are responsible for their children’s activity how they will use it. Parents are responsible for children’s privacy that should manage it. Children are now well aware of technology and they want an online connection with their family friends and entertainment world. But is the parent’s responsibility to provide a safe and age-limited platform to them because many children lie about their age to create accounts on different social apps. So this issue was claimed t BBA.

Is instagram providing age limitation content for kids?

Instagram is working to create a new age-limited version that verifies age limitations to keep children under 13 away from Instagram. But parents should keep eye on kids if they are using age-appropriate Instagram strolls. While developing any platform it must be experienced to check either it is appropriate for kids or not. Because it’s important to provide such content that is beneficial for kids and is not harmful to their mental health. Instagram developed for kids is also not showing any ads for safety.

Once a post was reported by Buzzfeed this post contain elements in which photo-sharing app was introducing that was inappropriate for children to use. Many other social apps like Facebook and youtube are trying to find strict security rules for kids’ use and trying to stop the use of these apps for kids.

But a problem is that kids are lying their age to use these apps. It is pointed out by many developers that children under the age of 13 that are using Instagram are surely banned and moved toward the new website suitable for them. It was claimed by Facebook that the Instagram version should be developed for kids that provide safe content. But company’s target is different as they wanted to make Instagram a very profitable application that will provide a very commercial platform to children that are really harmful to their privacy and wellbeing. 

Why instagram is considered as worst platform for kids?

It is noticed by research that the Royal Society for public health claimed that Instagram is the most harmful application for youngsters. It is considered the worst platform for their use because it provides content like sexual grooming.

Instagram then apologize for this mistake as they said it was introducing for the grooming of youth. But Instagram provides photo sharing that is harmful to kids because they are at a ripe age and immature for these contents. Most teenage girls are targeted for sexualized photos just for the attention-seeking of the audience. It is also harmful to children’s mental health that at a growing age they involve themselves in earning through a digital platform. It is also destroying their career opportunities.


Instagram and Facebook are the worst applications for children under 13 so it’s the parent’s responsibility to check their accounts and provide them safe platforms. Make their age-limited accounts that are appropriate for their age and good for their mental health.


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